Vastu Shastra

As per our ancient literature Vastu means “Vasathi” or “Vaasa” it means accommodation that is living under a roof.
Some literature say that it is also called as “Vaasthuvu”, means, items kept at home, in some areas the spelling is also used as Vaastu or Vasthu or even Vaasthu.
In West Bengal many residents called as “Bastu” or “Baastu”. But most popularly well known as “Vastu Shastra”.
From the time of immemorial, during the period of kings, rulers, this subject doctrine was utilized moreover got successfully by the affluent. There was no information revolution as obtained today.
Only the kings and rich people had observed to safeguard the richness as well as their kingdom. Unfortunately, the poor & drown-trodden people had no idea of present system.


Seeking vastu consultation would specifically be of help when you are planning to rent or buy a premise. It is especially recommended in case you are facing difficulties in life or there is disharmony at home or at work.

This is because, it is believed that different planets govern different directions and have specific influences on residents. By understanding the effects of directions, one can cordially balance diverse forces.

In order to understand what vasthu shastra actually is, it would be immensely important to know what each direction represents. East is for male issues, wealth and wisdom. West is for prosperity, fame and name and also for the head male member. South is for the head female member and represents wealth and happiness. North is for female issues, wealth and prosperity.

Well yes, they do. You need to choose colors that are in coherence with the hues of the planets and elements. This is essential for maintaining the positive flow of energy.

No, religion has no role in Vastu shastra. It is a simple science based on universal laws of planetary systems.

For more clarity, seek the advice of vastu experts or look for credible sources of information online.

As time passed the kings & Kingdom are ruined, finally democracy came into force in most of the countries. In a democracy, people have the freedom to try any knowledge for their development, no barriers to the usage of nature forces.
In simple words it is a science of construction for dwelling or commercial purposes, this is apart from construction engineering. This science believes that every construction is an organic whole having both benign and malign constituents. The proper apportioning in moderation of these forces for a harmonious living is all this subject is about.
Now you may like to know more about this system mere wealth does not provide us with mental peace. We can’t buy everything with money, like…. Mother’s love, affection, etc.
Many residents don’t understand this elementary principle because of these problems arise. If residents follow the instructions from a popular and famous best vastu consultant then one may be benefited. We may earn money but we cannot avail peace of life. Genuine vastu expert always wishes his clients a happy future.
The influence of vasthu is no doubt commendation peace of mind to the residents. Those who are suffering from ill health, debts, quarrels, court cases, property loss, family members misunderstandings, facing troubles in family life, disputes, frustration, and the tension only look forward towards the peaceful existence.
When you follow ancient principles right from the beginning harmony, happiness is natural results. If the property is according to principles either integration rules, then infertility issues also would be solved residents may be blessed with kids/children.
Overall there is a high chance of getting pregnancy once residents showed their property and done the corrections advised by only with experts, nowadays there are many online pandits are available, please choose only the best Indian vastu consultant among them.
Please note that our vastu tips, suggestion services to Military people, Public servants (Indian Government Officials), Freedom Fighters, etc are free. We suggest proper solution tips to them on free of cost. These services are in continuation from the year 1992.
We, is always ready to serve any part of the world if any natural disasters or any calamities be faced by the public. Regularly we are providing free services to all over the world if there are any natural disasters. To know more on this please click the link at the bottom.
Our primary motto is to bring this vastu website to serve residents in our entire society by sharing knowledge of shastra. Previously many dwellers do not have the interest to call experts, now The good news is the respected residents seeking to find who is the best vastu consultant in India. Great to know this change in our society and wont compromise on soliciting to have only best vastu consultation services for their homes in most of the communities in almost all cities in India and other parts of the world.

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